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Children's Centre Ltd.

Our Philosophy:

All children are unique and learn at their own pace.

We feel that a caring and trusting environment, where your children are able to make many of their own decisions, will help them become good citizens:


Preschool and Daycare:

Our Early Learning programs focus on teaching social skills, independence and communication. These skills are vital to successful future learning (ie. reading and writing.)

The social skills learned through the preschool years will benefit children throughout their lives.

Research has shown that the skills needed to learn to read and write can be learned at any age, but social skills need to be learned at an early age.


Before and After school Care:

Children come to our out of school care program before and after spending a great deal of hours learning at school. They need a place where they can go to unwind but at the same time feel safe.

We give them opportunities to do things on their own like creating at the art table.

We also offer children choices to do things in a group, such as a formal game of soccer.